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Innovation is just part of who we are. 

It's been a buzzword in the legal industry for some time now, with every firm, from big to small, bursting to display their ‘innovative approach to legal services’. But how much of this is truly innovation and how much is just hype and illusionary... marketing over substance? How much of this actually delivers what clients want, an improved client experience and a better business outcome?


The Maberly & Co team collectively seek and embrace client-centric driven improvements to the way legal services are provided where there is real value to our clients or our team, whether that be utilising technology, process improvements or fresh new thinking. Innovation is part of our purpose, our reason for being and is intrinsic in our approach to our clients, our team and our network.


Our current innovation focus centres on:

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With an efficient and flexible cost base, all our tailor made pricing models deliver transparency, cost effectiveness and certainty, the right service for the right price for your business.

At Maberly & Co we have a very lean operating model which means our fees can purely relate to the outcomes we achieve for our clients without needing to cover large fixed costs (expensive office space, untrained juniors, inflexible resourcing of specialist lawyers, expensive IT systems and superfluous support staff). We don’t believe ‘one size fits all’ and offer a range of pricing models to best align with our clients’ business needs. Whilst we do offer competitive hourly rates, we prefer fixed fee, value pricing (not tied to time recording), or retainer/managed legal services models. In our experience these models deliver better value for money.


We offer a managed legal service whereby businesses have the certainty of a fixed monthly fee for day-to-day business and technology legal support. We work together to find the appropriate fee based on the value and nature of the work and this model works best when there is an open and authentic partnership where we work as part of our client’s team. This model is flexible and can respond to changing business needs, risks, challenges or budget. We also offer secondments for large projects or for additional temporary in-house support.

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Providing a Contemporary Working Environment


With flexible and sustainable working practices, gender diversity and an inclusive culture, no financial targets and a focus on lawyer wellbeing, we aspire for our lawyers to thrive in all dimensions of their life.


Maberly & Co’s culture promotes progressive, sustainable, flexible and inclusive working practices to promote diversity of thought, perception, collective efficiencies, reduced environmental footprint and a happier, healthier more productive team.


All our team benefit from flexible work arrangements and regularly work remotely (both in NZ and overseas). Our culture strongly advocates a balance between commitments to our clients and enjoyment of life outside of work, be that family, sporting, travel or other.


We wholeheartedly reject the typical legal industry practices of gender imbalance, abuse of power and inequality. The diversity of our team of senior lawyers and our partners is seldom seen in the legal industry (particularly in business and technology law). We recruit and promote talented and promising lawyers regardless of gender, age, background, race or other differentiators.


We don’t believe in budgets – none of our team are required to achieve a set number of billable hours. Our appraisals and remuneration are based on collective outcomes achieved, rather than individual hours worked. We strongly believe this encourages a more collaborative and efficient working style.

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Utilising our network, open communication, meaningful partnering.


We strive to find new ways to strengthen collaboration between us and our clients, within our team and with our greater network of lawyers, law firms and non-legal advisors. 


We have a close network of highly regarded specialists, both legal (in New Zealand and other jurisdictions) and non-legal (such as business brokers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance brokers, bankers, lobbyist, government officials), with expertise outside of our knowledge and skill base. We regularly collaborate and engage with our network to obtain specialist expertise on a case by case basis to craft the best legal solution for each client and matter. This flexible resourcing model provides a more cost efficient and effective outcome for our clients.

Our partners don’t sit in separate offices, we all work together and practice open communication. All members of the team are actively involved in the management of the firm.

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