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Diana Collie

Diana is a quick thinker, responsive and trusted by her clients to apply her extensive legal experience to achieve their business goals. Her ability to breakdown complex legal and business issues means she can advise her clients on the issues that matter to them and help them navigate the legal and commercial process. 


Maberly & Co’s lead commercial insurance lawyer, Diana has deep market knowledge of the insurance industry and extensive expertise in structuring and documenting business arrangements for insurance businesses. Ando Insurance, a major insurance intermediary client, considers her “an integrated part of the team” and has “complete confidence that her intimate understanding of Ando protects our interests across a range of business deals and agreements”.

With a background in tax and financial services, including as corporate in-house counsel (sole counsel and within a large team), at major NZ law and accounting firms and alongside project management teams, Diana bring her diverse legal knowledge and business acumen to support her clients on a wide range of contract, commercial, business structuring and technology law matters in several industries. Diana also applies that knowledge and expertise to help clients implement or improve legal operation functions and processes to deliver efficient commercially focused legal services.


Examples of Diana’s key experience include:​

  • Involvement in all key commercial and technology arrangements of Ando Insurance since its inception, including novel and highly customised distribution arrangements in New Zealand

  • Infrastructure projects using FIDIC and NZS, advising all aspects of the procurement chain, RFP/FRI, negotiation of key contracts, contract management and dispute resolution.

  • Major ICT transactions and business processing outsourcing projects, including procurement of core systems to replace legacy systems.

  • All aspects of commercial contracts from terms of trade, services, supply and goods agreements, distributions arrangements, software licensing, acquisition and divestment and other ‘day to day’ agreements

In joining the Maberly & Co partnership Diana saw an opportunity bring her experience and perspectives to shape a new law firm focussed on a contemporary work environment and lawyer wellbeing benefiting both its clients and its lawyers.


Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, skiing, mountain biking, watersports, yoga/pilates and reading.

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